Safety Tips for Students

Be at your stop 5 minutes prior your scheduled pick up time

  • Only get off or board the bus at your designated stop
  • No eating or drinking on the bus (choking hazard/allergy hazard)
  • Do not put anything out the windows... hands, heads, garbage
  • No loud excessive noise
  • Remain seated, bottom to bottom, back to back
  • Wait for driver to signal you to come aboard once bus is at a complete stop
  • If you drop something as you get on or off the bus tell the bus driver immediately DO NOT TRY TO RETRIEVE IT YOURSELF
  • Keep the aisle clear
  • If someone bothers you at the bus stop, tell the bus driver, a parent, a teacher at school or the principal

We at DanNel Coach Lines Company Ltd are dedicated to safety, dignity, respect and on time transportation on our buses at all times. Your safe trip into school or home from school is our utmost priority.