Our Team


Dan Weir and Nelson Campbell

Ownership Team
June Jobson (Dan Weir's daughter)
Rob Jobson (Dan Weir's grandson)
Brian Jobson (Dan Weir's grandson)


DanNel Coach Lines Company Ltd. is a family owned school bus company that was established in St. Catharines in 1979 by Dan Weir and Nelson Campbell with 28 school buses.In 1984 Dan Weir became the sole owner of the business.Dan Weir previously had owned Niagara Coach Lines from 1952 until 1968 when he retired and sold his business to Charterways Transportation.Dan's daughter (June Jobson) helped run the business right from day one and assumed full responsibility of the business following his death in 1986.

June with the help of her sons Rob and Brian have grown the business over the last 40 years to more than quadruple its original size. Today Rob, Brian and June are marketing DanNel Transportation into new and exciting areas with the same committment that all of their customers have come to expect which is providing the Safest, Most Reliable  On-Time Transportation in the Niagara Region!